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Reality Kings is one of the most interesting sites in the adult entertainment world. They are one of the sites that manages many other sites, resulting in a collection of porn so large that you will have no choice but to check it out. Reality Kings really does not have a any sort of specialty when it comes to porn, they have a bit of everything. You can see that as soon as you log on and see all of the videos and the set up of the site.

When you log on, you will see all of the latest videos up top and the most popular videos scrolling down beneath those. By looking closely at these videos you will see that they have all different kinds of niches.


They have a bit of everything from ebony to gang bangs, and just about everything in between except for the really hardcore porn. Another interesting part of about this site is the fact that they are connected with over thirty other sites. This makes the incredible numbers from the home site even more impressive when it is combined with all of the other sites.

When it comes to the number of videos and porn stars on Reality Kings, you are going to be impressed. Right now they have over four hundred and fifty videos on the home site. All of these are shot in the latest high definition 1080p, which means that they have the very best quality in mind when they make these videos.


They also have over one hundred and thirty different porn stars on this site, so the chances are that you will not see a great deal of the same women in every video. Another great part about this site is that they have over five thousand different pictures that can be found only on their site. The best part is that all of these numbers are boosted when you factor in the additional web sites and the videos, women, and photographs that are brought with that membership.

Speaking of memberships, in order to join the site, you will need to pick a membership package. Right now they have several, but the best one in my opinion is to go for the full month of membership to see if you like all of their content. If you pay $39.95, then you will have access to all thirty eight sites. If you decide to join for a year, then you will only be charged about eight dollars a month upon clicking the reality kings discount link, but you must put all of the money up front.

Overall, Reality Kings is a pretty decent site, and you should definitely check it out.