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My mother used to tell me before that watching nudity is bad. The thing about being told of something is that we are usually bound to having more propensity in submitting to what has been mentioned for dissuading. When she told me before that ogling at women’s breasts even just at the magazines is a really wrongdoing, I had more curiosity to find out why there really do say in the magazines my father secretly stashed under the bad.

They were Playboy Magazines, changing my life to something better, something more alive. And now, the whole scheme is made even better by Playboy TV.


We all know how Playboy magazines are, right? For men’s magazines, Playboy has always been the perfect paradigm for that. It is the father of all sexy magazines. But the Playboy TV discount is much different. Though they have the same goals, but this one has more intensity with all the porn media that you can drown yourself into.

playboy-tv-discountPlayboy TV has been around in the cloud for years now and it is inviting you to watch its master arts of pornography, which all seem like one of a kind and definitely those of which you really need to watch. Unlike other porn sites, this one values quality over quantity and tends to go the extra mile with lengthy, high quality videos.

What Do You Get with Playboy TV?

You’ve already gone past the times you stare at magazine clippings. What’s the use of staring at images when you can have better? Unlike other porn sites, Playboy TV does not have an official stash for picture galleries simply because it wants to present only those that matter: the videos. This site contains over 1600 pornographic videos that you should definitely check out. There’s a wide variety of categories to choose from such as brunettes, blondes, black on white, creampies and all the porn genres you could think of.

If you want to enjoy the montages of Playboy TV, you will have to register only for 14.95 dollars a month. You could also try the first month trial for a day. Enjoy!