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Naughty America answers the age old question of what all of those bored housewives are doing when nobody is around. Having raunchy sex of course, and often without their husbands. This site is dedicated to the ever growing brand of porn known as Milfs, where they try to keep a fresh stock of all of the best videos. The first thing that you are going to notice about this site is that they have a basic setup and some moderately hot women.


The part about Naughty america that makes it difficult to review is the fact that the models tend to be either a little bit too young, or a little bit too old rather than fulfilling the Milf designation. Most of these women look as though they came straight from a porn set where they were fired for being too old, rather than just getting into the action a little bit later in their lives. The site has one several awards over the last five years, though, for their dedication to the art of Milf films, along with a champion team of pioneers in the porn writing genre.

naughty-america-discountThese came in the form of AVNS and other adult entertainment awards that are only given out to the best, but in some cases on this site it seems like they may have paid for them. For example, the biggest drawing point of this site is the quantity of porn and not the overall quality of the porn.

Naughty America is connected to thirty nine other sites that offer different niches, making it essentially one large tube site, with the exception that you need to pay in order to have access. The site itself only has about three hundred models, which is decent, but certainly not the best. Sure, all of the videos are shot in the latest high definition format, which prevents pixelation on the screen as well as audio mishaps, but the content itself is weak. It is a lot of the same women performing the same old stunts,, only older.

Do yourself a favor and save using the Naughty America discount at $17.76 a month and enjoy the quality women and diversity when it comes to their models. Overall, Naughty America is above average; it has the awards but it has nothing too special at the same time.