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There is no such thing as an ugly celebrity as Mr Skin gives us all the celebrity goodies we all want in terms of hot nudity. There is even a rumor mill on your favorite celebrities on whether she regretted showing her skin or not. The way the celebrities show their luscious bodies will definitely get your cock hard. There is no shortage of content here as there is 197000 pictures and 10000 videos.


There is always a fresh batch of updates including the MrSkin minute where he tells us what we have missed in terms of celebrity nudity both in the small screen and big screen. They give all the short clips from the movies so it will contain only the good parts as it skips through the bad parts. I remembered when I was a kid, I used to rent all these movies then I would fast forward to the good parts only. It is what Mr Skin already did for us as he gives us what we want to see as we just need to select our favorite celebrity.

mr-skin-discountIf you want an award winning actress showing her perky nipples in her most embarrassing moments then you can select Halle Berry or Anne Hathaway.

Mr Skin updates multiple times daily which is always a plus. There is also a blog here where you can read what you can expect in the future. There are a lot of celebrities who already showed their tits and asses to the public that you didn’t know so you are going to be shocked when you find their archives.

There is nothing to dislike in Mr Skin so don’t be surprised if you find out your friends are already addicted to this website. There is a star spangled list of celebrities in this website and they all have nice bodies so you would not mind spending hours here. You will definitely cum several times over the way these celebrities disrobe themselves. You will get jealous of the guys who see their naked bodies and wish it was you instead of them.