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When I was in high school, I was so innocent I didn’t even know how to masturbate. But no, I’m telling a lie. I’m just raising a point and that would be that high school sucks, period! But then, nothing ever stays the same and college comes thereafter. From hell, everything transcends into a personal nirvana. With the freedom you get in college, what else could you ask for about being a student? And why the hell am I talking about this? It’s simply because the Dare Dorm has reminded me of how nastily awesome my college days used to be — a place I wish I could go back to!


Do you wanna know what makes the Dare Dorm different from any other porn site out there? It comes with no fake bullshit. And yes, I just said because what I’m trying to tell you is that everything you see with the Dare Dorm discount is the real thing. And how is that so?

dare-dorm-discountThe people behind it challenge college students from different colleges and universities to do nasty sexual awesomeness for a price of $1000. Or so the winner claims the prize. I mean, if that kind of money is at stake, why wouldn’t you be driven all the more to have sex, right? And this makes the perfect excuse for guys out there! And DD says you’re welcome. *winks*

The Dare Dorm does not offer any pictures. No. Pictures don’t satisfy a thing, but only leave people hanging. Videos on the other, which DD has 103 at hand for you are always the perfect material to enliven your day. All videos are closely captured, which means you get the real feel as you watch every little scene. It’s so lovely that you can’t help but sprinkle tons of semen to your laptop’s screen. Or maybe to your girlfriend’s face while you watch the videos together, especially when you’re both in college!

The fee is only 9.95 dollars a month and you could even contact the creators if you want to participate in the whole gig. Surely, you would love it. Enjoy!